Grenada Bar Association


The Grenada Bar Association (“GBA”) commits to ensuring that when Grenadians vote on Referendum Day (October, 27 2016), that the GBA would have done its part in helping citizens understand the Bills they are voting for and the implications.(READ MORE)

The GBA is the umbrella body representing the over one hundred (100) lawyers in Grenada. In a profession that was almost exclusively male in the 1970’s, females now constitute the majority. Especially in the last twenty (20) years, women entering the profession have far surpassed their male counterparts.

An eight-member Executive Council governs the work of the GBA. The Executive Council comprises four executive members – President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer – and four council members. Executive Council members are elected at the Annual General Meeting. Prior to 1996, the umbrella body representing lawyers was known as the Grenada Association of Lawyers (GAOL).READ MORE